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assembling and sale of pad printing machines and plates for industrial and custom padprinting, accessories and advising for pad print Tampograf has designed and constructed pad-printing machines since 1968 and today our achievements can be seen in most parts of the world. We have a long history of innovation and it is with great pride that at the threshold of 2000 we present a series of modular machines which can satisfy all the demands of the users of pad- printing methodology.
Tampograf is well-known for its flexibility in solving the very different problems occuring in pad-printing and for employing the most advanced systems of automation available on the market today. The profound and diverse know-how, gained in more than thirty years of activity, is our visiting card and the best guaranty for our clients.
A staff of young technicians is able to interpret the needs of the client into project and to apply tailor made solutions for each company. Once the different production needs of our client are known to us, we work to realize a personalized projects, using modern computerized systems. The solutions proposed are the most up-to-the minute technology on the market. As well as our research and development department which offers personal service to our clients, we produce standard machines which are the fruit of long and specialized experience.
Padprinting equipment and accessories: photopolymer and steel cliche plates, inks, pads, ink cups.
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